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Curiosello tra i fili d'erba

Primary school pupils at work

It is well known that technology at school can easily provide excitement, engagement and participation. But some critics observe that not always this gets translated into actual learning by the students. For this reason, within PoliCultura, every year data are collected via surveys, focus groups and interviews to teachers.

Some of the most relevant educational benefits are the following:

  • cognitive benefits: better understanding of a specific subject, ability to grasp relationships, ability to synthesize, …
  • relational benefits: team building, improved relationships, development of a collaborative attitude, …
  • motivational benefits: great involvement in the specific activity, enhanced involvement in school activities in general, inclusion of disaffected students
  • skills benefits: managing technology for “educational tasks” (not just for personal fun), text writing, audios and images authoring, searching for info and images, ...


Each group of teachers can shape a specific learning experience, tailoring it to the local needs and situation.